Success Stories (References)

You have brought significant value to the CNIC organization. Overall, you have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals of improving the health status of our employees. We have had many employees where you have literally helped change their lives. Your approach has been comprehensive, helping our employees to learn the physical, mental and nutritional changes that are necessary. Seeing some of our employs lose over fifty pounds and sustain this positive change is amazing. You have become a teacher, mentor and friend to all of us. Thanks for making a huge difference in so many people’s lives. The benefits have been countless including a more energized workforce, healthier work population and improved healthcare costs.

I started Randy’s classes because I want to see what crossfit was all about. I find Randy to be full of energy and a great motivator. He really takes customization to a new level. His exercises are amazing. Who would think one could get so sore after a 15 min class. Even though exercise has been part of my life – these classes taught me that I was not using certain muscle groups to their fullest potential. In the last year, my HDL has increased. I feel better and it breaks up my work day! The more consistent you are with taking the classes, the more benefits you will see or I should say “feel”.
Kathy McCafferty

I first met Randy in November of 2011. I had only been in Colorado for about 4 months at that point. A friend of mine highly recommended Crossfit to me as I had indicated my desire to get stronger, and lose some weight. I emailed Crossfit, and Randy happened to respond shortly after. He suggested I come in and have a face to face with him so he could get a better idea of my goals, habits, and what I was looking for. By the following week, I had decided that I wanted to have a personal trainer instead of going to the group classes, largely because of my hectic work schedule. Randy made me feel right at ease, as we soon learned we had a lot in common. Being so naïve at the time, my biggest concern was having a personal trainer who was more of a meathead than anything. Someone that tries to motivate you by yelling at you and not understanding when life gets in the way sometimes, especially with work. I was thrilled that Randy was not this type of guy. I used to be a member of 24 hr fitness, and met with a couple personal trainers there. I could tell that I was just another client to them, and could almost see the dollar signs in their eyes. Those people do not even hold a candle to Randy in terms of knowledge, personality, and experience. Randy understood my hectic and constantly changing work schedule, and had no problems if I needed to cancel an hour before our scheduled appointment. I was thrilled with how he went about tailoring workouts for me as well as how he taught me about common misconceptions with workouts, healthy eating, and stretching.
I worked out with Randy about 4-5 times a week for the next 2 years. Within the first month though, I began to see results. I was stronger than I had been in a long time, was losing weight and really excited with the direction I was heading. I really loved the randomness of the workouts he provided, as it kept me on my toes. The only reason I stopped meeting with Randy was for financial reasons, as I was laid off of my job in Nov 2012. I would highly recommend Randy to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

I started personal training with Randy twice a week for 15 minutes each session.  It was a perfect way to get me moving at work and learn proper techniques for Crossfit.  Randy demonstrates each exercise beforehand and offers advice on technique and form while we perform the exercise.  He is very patient and knowledgeable.  When I started his class I had not exercised in over 3 years and was overweight as a result.  I was able to keep up with each lesson and lost 50 pounds by combining his training and proper nutrition.  I would highly recommend Crossfit training and Randy as your personal trainer.

My results started to come quickly, and in a noticeable fashion. The workouts were done everyday, allowed me to see results faster and to help me in every aspect of my game, including speed, power and over physical health. I noticed a considerable increase in my core strength, which is also vital for peak performance on the course. In the two years I have been working with you, I have nothing but positive things to say. I cannot thank you enough.

Who knew that learning the turkish get-up would have so much positive impact on the the golf swing.
Steve B PGA Pro

I started personal training with Randy twice a week for 15 minutes each session.  It was a perfect way to get me moving at work and learn proper techniques for Crossfit.  Randy demonstrates each exercise beforehand and offers advice on technique and form while we perform the exercise.  He is very patient and knowledgeable.  When I started his class I had not exercised in over 3 years and was overweight as a result.  I was able to keep up with each lesson and lost 50 pounds by combining his training and proper nutrition.  I would highly recommend Crossfit training and Randy as your personal trainer.
Kim P

Randy Goldstein has worked with our organization for 4 years.  We value Randy, he is considered part of the CNIC Family and he helps us maintain our fitness oriented culture.  Randy teaches weekly Cross Fit classes, Great in 8 (minutes)classes for employees with just a few minutes to stretch and exercise vs. taking a class, and other classes as our organization continues to build our commitment to fitness.  He is a fun and motivating instructor, ensuring all employees feel they are receiving a customized class for their fitness level.  Randy’s cross fit skills are amazing, he brings a variety of routines to our employees, he also provides a website that encourages employees to work out on their own as well.  He inspires all levels of employees, those that had never worked out to those that are extreme fitness enthusiasts.  We look forward to a long working relationship with Randy!
Gail E HR Manager

I want to thank you for all your help, support and advice over the past few months. Our initial call late last April was probably the best call and thing I did last year. I appreciated your willingness to work something out for me and your strong encouragement in the beginning. I’m in the best shape I have been at in at least the last 15 years and probably ever … and feeling great! It sure makes salsa dancing on New Year’s Eve a whole lot more fun. Thanks for everything!

I was curious when my company wellness program announced on-site classes.  As a middle-aged Mom with limited time to get to the gym, I figured why not?  I first met Randy in 2009 and hadn’t heard the words “CrossFit” or  “kettlebell” or “Tabata”.   I quickly learned that you can scale the the movements to your individual ability.  As I was consistent with the workouts, I saw that ability level change quickly.  The workouts are not routine as they change each session.   Randy has the unique ability to connect with all people; he cares about your progress and provides the training and information for you to achieve your goals. I was surprised by the support system and the camaraderie of classes as we cheer one another on.  Randy has shown endless patience with my questions and worked with me so that injuries have not been a setback. His encouragement has made be believe in myself, as he knows I am stronger than I think I am.  I never would have imagined that lifting weights is so empowering.  I get through a tough workout and think “Wow, I just did that!”.  It’s the best feeling and keeps me motivated.  I have been able to impact my fitness with less time than I thought.  I am delighted with clothes that are too big and have welcomed muscles in my core and upper body.
Chris B

I joined Randy’s crossfit class about two years ago. I am fortunate that my employer offers classes at work. I figured, I have nothing better to do at lunch anyways. I did not even know what crossfit was.
I tried it.
What an experience. I love it. The work-out itself is different than your traditional gym routine.
It’s fun. Never boring. Randy comes up with different exercises every time. A combination of cardio, weights, traditional and non-traditional work-outs (for example, who would have thought that pulling a sled can be a work-out).
Randy is great.  He gives me the right amount of encouragement and feedback.
I have also noticed the pleasant side effects, of let’s just say…..firming up, and having more energy.
I will definitely keep it up.
Thank you, Randy.

From the first few minutes we spent together, I very quickly realized how terribly immobile my shoulders and hips were. I have followed the custom program you put together for me religiously about 10 – 15 minutes every day. There is no question that I am hitting the ball off the tee at least 20 yards longer with great consistency. Even more importantly, my low back pain has completely disappeared and my shoulders feel better than they have in years. I start my morning, every morning with your exercises and they make me feel great and ready to start my day. It’s really great. Thank you.
Aubrey K

As Miss Colorado, training with Randy at CrossFit Denver got me in the perfect physical shape for the Miss America 2010 pageant. With the combination of weight training and plyometrics, I was challenged everyday with a variety of workouts. I was working muscles I didn’t even know I had, but was definitely aware of the work I’d done with my sore muscles the next day. I love to set goals, and do exciting activities when training, and Randy at CrossFit was able to help me achieve those goals in exactly the environment I work best in. I would absolutely recommend training at CrossFit Denver  for anyone who wants to have actual results and be proud of the work that they’ve done.
Katie Layman

I have definitely noticed more flexibility in my body and I am hitting the ball further than I have ever hit it in twenty years thanks to your program.”
Kirk R PGA Pro