Feel Alive In 5! (You can start anytime you like)

Feel Alive In 5 is really super simple. All you need to do 3 days per week is jump on one of the Concept 2 rowing machines in the Rev Center and row for 1 minute, rest for 20 seconds 4 times. On your own schedule. Yeah, that’s it….5 total minutes 3 days per week. But don’t under-estimate just how potent that 5 minutes on that rower can be! (I will be happy to show you how to use the rower correctly, but if you get on without, strap in and start rowing…the monitor will turn on automatically. )

Track your results on the form below. The goal is to improve your total number of meters rowed each and every rowing session. At the end of 5 weeks, you will submit your completed tracking form, and have a random drawing for some really nifty prizes. All you need to do to be eligible is show that you rowed 3 times per week for 5 minutes.

I am asking for your unwavering commitment to devote 5 minutes a day, 3 days per week for 5 weeks, no if’s, and’s, but’s or any other single syllable excuses. That’s 75 minutes in 5 weeks. Can you commit? If so you may just amaze yourself at what happens.

I will always be available by phone, email and in person to answer any questions and help you every step of the way. So don’t hesitate to give me a shout.



PS…Tell your friends & your co-workers about the program. Accountability is a positive thing. Get them involved. There is Strength in numbers! 

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Feel Alive In 5 Tracking Form