Of the 1000’s of people I have had the opportunity to talk with over the years, one of the most common foods mentioned as a breakfast staple is the banana. On the other hand, the avocado is very seldom mentioned. There is a pretty strong argument however, that of the two, the avocado is the far superior choice in the morning. Here’s Why…

The average run of the mill banana tips the scales at right around 4.5 ounces (the edible part) although many people eat a much larger portion. It doesn’t have any protein or fat to speak of, yet packs in 30+ carb grams more than half of those being in the form of sugar and about 120 calories. Along with that you get a decent serving of 4 grams of fiber, about 25% the daily recommended serving of Vitamins B6, C and of course potassium. However the banana’s potassium punch at around 500mg and 15% DV is somewhat over-rated.

The avocado on the other hand tips the scales at right around 7 ounces (the edible part). So for comparative purposes we’ll use only ½ of the avocado or around 3.5 ounces. It’s a caloric powerhouse with around 160, 14 grams of fat (the majority being monounsaturated, the good kind), 9 carb grams with merely 1 gram coming in the form of sugar. Slightly more protein than a banana, (barely any) but along with that you get about a quarter of your daily fiber at 7 grams, about 25% the daily recommended serving of Vitamins K, folate, with some decent numbers on B6, vitamin E and nearly as much (or more depending on who you talk to) potassium as in a banana ounce for ounce.

It seems pretty clear looking at the numbers that given approximately the same serving size, the avocado may be a better choice. Nutritionally superior with a more dense caloric, vitamin, mineral and fiber profile it also has far less sugar and thus promotes less of an increase in blood sugar levels.

Now here’s the kicker! It’s what most people eat with a banana….MORE CARBS! Let’s face it, bananas are usually mixed in and/or enjoyed with cereals, other fruit, yogurt, in smoothies, with milk, pancakes, waffles the list goes on. So, what many people get with their morning banana is a huge overload of carbohydrates, elevated blood sugar, and a burst of energy that is not sustainable with more carbs!

The avocado smoothie, diced avocado in yogurt, in my oatmeal…yeah DOESN’T HAPPEN! If you have avocado, it will likely be with veggies, maybe eggs, some diced chicken.  Be creative. Experiment a little. 3 – 5 ounces of chicken on spinach leaves with half a diced avocado and a little Sriracha sauce makes and ideal breakfast nutritionally, will keep you energetic and feeling full longer and have a better macro and micro nutrient balance than almost anything you are likely to have with that banana….


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Salmon Ole~ (Super Easy Salmon Recipe)

by randy on February 11, 2011

This is a super easy, really tasty Salmon Recipe. I came up with it last night when starving, not feeling like cooking and about to order a pizza…happily i didn’t!

around 1 pound frozen (or fresh) salmon fillets, skinless
1 can Rotel, 10oz, tomato & green chile habanero  or (lower sodium equivalent)
1/3 cup chopped onions
garlic powder

Simply add all ingredients into a large sauce pan
cook uncovered over medium heat until most of the liquid disappears, (around 10/12 minutes)



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GuacamolEGGS with Shrimp

by randy on January 18, 2011

Very tasty!

10 minute prep time

5 hardboiled eggs
2 avocados
3/4 pound of cooked shrimp

half the eggs
mash the yolks with the  avocado
add garlic, jalapeño powder, fire roasted tomato
mix more
add the mixture back to the egg halves
top with the shrimp
sprinkle jalapeño flakes and black sesame seeds



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December 23, 2010

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December 23, 2010

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