Why We’re Better


Why The CrossFit Denver Affiliate Network?

CrossFit Denver is the most competitively priced gym in Metro Denver. You will not find a lower priced CrossFit gym. Yeah, that sort of speaks for itself.

Location Options:
At CrossFit Denver you get two gyms for the price of one. CrossFit Denver has a membership agreement with CrossFit South Denver (located at Evans and Santa Fe). Both gyms are open to all members at no extra charge. We are the only CrossFit gym in Denver with this availabilty.

You will never have to sign up for classes ahead of time at CrossFit Denver (like some other gyms). Just show up to whatever class you want, there will be room for you. We have made it even easier for you to make the WOD. In the evening, CrossFit Denver classes are on the hour while CrossFit South Denver classes are on the half hour, so if you happen to be running late you don’t have to wait an entire hour for the next class.

CrossFit Denver was the first CrossFit affiliate in Colorado. With all those years comes extensive training experience for all ages and athletic backgrounds. It doesn’t matter who you are, we can work with you to get you to your fitness goals. We did it first, and have been helping clients reshape themselves every since.

The Anti-Globo Gym:
There are no contracts, no cancellation fees, no 60 day cancellation notice. If you decide CrossFit is not for you (we doubt it) then you can cancel at anytime. We are not those large gym chains. Who wants to do isolated calf raises anyway?

With over 10000 square feet of usable space between the two gyms, we are not a “garage” CrossFit facility. You won’t need to worry about whether someone will drop a bar on you or if you might hit the ceiling during overhead lifting or muscle ups. We have large open spaces at each facility for your use.

We are a community based organization first and foremost. We are not just a gym but a collection of diverse individuals, all coming together in the pursuit of optimal health. Spend one class in our gym and you will see what a community of friends should be like.