Crossfit Denver. We’re The 1st, Some Say The Best!

by randy on April 29, 2017

Crossfit Denver offers what many describe as the best coaching and personal training available…anywhere! We opened in 2005 and are the very 1st Crossfit gym in the state of Colorado. We are the 29th affiliate listed on out of over 14,000. I personally started Crossfitting in 2003, nearly 14 years ago. I believe 100% that applied correctly, the Crossfit methodology is without equal. Crossfit Denver was once, not long ago, a huge industrial looking gym with 20+ trainers many thousands of square feet and lots of 20-something inked-up, high socked athletes.  Now we are a cozy, carpeted, air-conditioned gym where people like you make amazing changes every day. We have posted WOD’s each and every day for over decade. We have learned so much over the years. So much! Great memories. Now we quite simply offer the best personal training around. One-on-one, complementing  your  health & fitness goals, your abilities and your time schedule. If you are looking to join a big group, there are many options at other gyms. If you want to work with one of the most experienced Crossfit trainers in the world, someone who will help you to understand the basics, make sense of diet and nutrition, work within your schedule and help you to see amazing results, please give me a shout! My name is Randy. You can contact me here. Thanks.

p.s. If all you need is a workout (of the day) , here are some wonderful options:
Bodyweight Workouts, No Equipment Needed, From Eva Twardokens Blog







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