Health & Fitness Nutrition & Fun Group Classes Beginning April 15th 2017

by randy on March 28, 2017

Camaraderie. Positive Energy. Results. Fun People. Accountability. Support. Expert Coaching & Nutritional Advice.
The results are in. These are the 8 “things”, that people said they would like to see in their life, their quest for the best health & fitness possible, in their peers and their gym. We listened.

Beginning Saturday April 15th, we will be helping you in all 8 of those areas at Crossfit Denver with a new group training concept. Think open gym, coaching, workout partners, classes, workout planning, nutritional assistance and much more.  Think Crossfit, yet somewhat more evolved; much like in life graduating from your teens and 20’s… into your 30’s and 40’s. This group is open to everyone, local or not, of every age, gender and fitness level. It is limited to 25 local participants and 25 non-local participants.

There are so many positive comments we still receive today about how much fun Crossfit Denver used to be way back in the day; a decade ago. It was a very eclectic crowd of all different types of people, a single workout a day, low key, low pressure, lots of fun and everyone seeing some great results. Looking back, a large part of that was due to the fact we ran it all not as a business, but just a group of friends working out together, while providing some structure, enthusiasm and a plan to succeed. Well fast forward 10 years, and that is exactly what we hope to recreate, only better.

Our gym is well equipped, well lit, climate controlled, comfortable with a bump’n stereo system. Just a little south of I-25 and Sante Fe. The time is right.
Please let us know any ideas, input, suggestions that you may have to make this program something that you would be interested in. Also, feel free to forward to friends and/or family members. The number of people in this group will be relatively small. Health & Fitness…let’s share the passion!



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